Hands-On Cyber Training

Cyber Range Solutions

Traditional cyber ranges are limited in their functionality. Traditional ranges are not very dynamic stuck in the static past. They are limited to basic desktop style operating systems. The current training doesn’t represent real world scenarios.

We know a few things about traditional cyber ranges. Our teams goes back to the inception of cyber ranges in the early 2000s. We’ve evolved old-school training to match the real world.

We now offer that experience with total (turn-key) comprehensive solutions or we can provide management consulting oversight services to help guide or correct the development and management of client programs.

Real Human Behaviors

A.I. Emulated Human Behavior

We have the ability to integrate a more realistic training environment for your team in our cyber range solutions.  Or even add it to your existing cyber range technology stack.

No coding is required.  The A.I. is trained on more realistic human behaviors for attack and defend scenarios.  


Cyber Workforce Modernization


Model-Driven Solution

Mobile Devices and IOT

Mobile and IOT Device Emulation

In an era dominated by mobile connectivity, safeguarding enterprise IT environments demands an advanced approach. We deliver a revolutionary mobile and IoT device emulation add-on for cyber ranges. This is crucial for developing robust cyber defense capabilities. Our platform supports diverse deployment models—cloud, on-premises, and portable—ensuring a scalable and realistic simulation environment for workforce training and system testing.

By integrating mobile and IoT into your cyber range, you empower your teams with the tools necessary to anticipate and thwart sophisticated cyber threats. This will enhance incident response readiness and safeguarding sensitive data across all mobile and IoT endpoints. Invest in state-of-the-art cyber resilience and transform your organization’s approach to security in today’s mobile-first world


Virtual ARM Devices


Training Covers Bulk of Devices


What We Offer

Management Solutions

  • Master Range Design
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Operations & Management
  • Research & Development

Mobile Devices and IOT

  • Virtual ARM Powered Devices
  • Import Custom Devices
  • Create Virtual Prototypes

Real Human Behaviors

  • A.I. emulated human behavior
  • No Coding Required
  • Platform Agnostic
  • More Realistic Training

Core Range Solutions

  • Scalable Globally
  • Rapid Scenario Creation
  • Range-as-a-Service
  • Open Standards