Cybersecurity R&D

 Offensive Cyber and R&D Services

Offensive Cyber is like being on the offense in a game, where the goal is to actively look for and fix weak spots in computer systems before hackers can exploit them. It’s about taking action and going after potential threats to stop them in their tracks. Think of it as the proactive side of keeping digital information safe, where experts use their skills to test and challenge systems to make them stronger.

On the other hand, cyber research and development is all about digging deep into technology to create new ways to protect computers and networks. It involves a lot of experimenting and testing to come up with better security tools and methods. This is where the latest advancements in keeping our digital world safe are born, making sure we’re always one step ahead of hackers.

Mobile Platforms

Research & Development

Immortal Cyber represents a diverse supplier network of infosec professionals comprised of defense companies, boutique vulnerability research companies, and individual security researchers. Our specialties include discovery and weaponization of vulnerabilities on both mobile platforms, Android and iOS, as well as desktop computing devices, Linux and Windows. In essence, we provide tools that facilitate remote access to devices after they have been integrated by government agencies into their respective operational platforms.

Our researchers are becoming even more specialized as the diversity of attack surfaces expands daily. We delve into the third-party mobile application space to find initial access vectors in popular messaging apps. In addition, we have talented researchers who can develop custom agents or replicate other agents captured in the wild.


Forge the future of online safety: innovate, protect, and dominate in the cyber battleground.


Unleash us are your digital detective with cybersecurity R&D: outwit hackers, safeguard secrets.


Drone Security Services

Cybersecurity research and development (R&D) for drones focuses on creating advanced technologies and strategies to protect these aerial devices from cyber threats. As drones become increasingly integrated into various sectors for surveillance, delivery, and inspection tasks, they also become targets for hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities for malicious purposes.

Cybersecurity R&D aims to stay ahead of these threats by identifying potential security weaknesses in drone systems and developing robust protective measures. This involves everything from encrypting data transmissions to and from the drone, ensuring secure software operations, to creating fail-safes that prevent unauthorized control. Essentially, it’s about building a digital fortress around drones to ensure they operate safely and efficiently, free from the risk of cyber-attacks.


Skyward Shield: Crafting hack-proof drones for unbeatable aerial security.


Digital Armor: Innovating to keep drones safe from cyber predators


What We Offer

R & D

Pioneering the frontier of cybersecurity R&D, we delve deep into firmware, hardware, software, and devices, from smartphones to servers, ensuring every byte is safeguarded against emerging threats.


Elevate your drone security posture; our expert analysis uncovers hidden cybersecurity vulnerabilities and shields against sophisticated nation-state cyber intrusions.


Decipher, decode, and defend: our malware reverse engineering transforms unknown threats into understood vulnerabilities, ensuring your systems remain impenetrable.

Industrial Control Systems

Unearth hidden threats in your industrial control systems with our meticulous vulnerability assessments, ensuring robust protection in every operational layer.